Triple J Contracting Inc.

Triple J Contracting Inc. takes great interest in your company’s efforts and achievements. We understand how important it is to establish great customer service while still offering "high quality workmanship" in any size of project.

Triple j Contracting provides service from coast to coast, including the most remote locations in Canada. We are unique in the fact that we are a One-Stop-Shop for all your facility sourcing requirements!

As a family owned and operated company, Triple J Contracting Inc. takes pride in family values and "saying you'll do it" means it gets done right the first time. No matter how big or small the project, we will give it the attention and service you deserve.

Our History

Triple J Contracting Inc. has been providing effective solutions for commercial, industrial, medical, educational and government Clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. In 2005 Triple J Contracting Inc., expanded our portfolio from a contracting company to a complete Single Source Vendor who can offer service from Coast to Coast including Canada’s most remote locations!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to operate sustainably, and focus on long term business relationships, which benefit our company, our team members and most importantly our clients.

Triple J Contracting Inc. Services

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  • Snow Removal & Property Services

    Longevity and superior service has made Triple J Contracting the benchmark in the commercial, and Industrial snow removal industry.

  • General Construction & Mechanical Services

    Grounds-Keeping, Garden Maintenance, Irrigation Systems, Landscaping Maintenance and Construction...

  • Haulage

    Triple J Contracting Inc. is a leading provider of haulage services. Tri-axle dump truck, End dump trailer...

  • Bulk Salt & De-icing Material

    De-icing & Anti-icing Materials, Rock salt, Treated salt, Liquid anti-Icer...

  • Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning

    Eco Friendly Housekeeping & general cleaning services. Pre/post construction clean up...

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